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"If you always do what you've always done, you will always be what you've always been."


Sandbar's Values
How can Sandbar Coaching and Consulting help?
From Challenge to Opportunity 

“Paying attention to the heart and soul of your organization will drive profitability”


Sandbar provides your organization with top-tier expertise at a senior executive level and delivers effective consultation in:

  • Employee engagement

  • Succession planning

  • Strategic and tactical planning

  • Performance coaching

  • Leadership capability development

  • Merger and acquisition strategies

  • Public speaking


Sandbar Coaching and Consulting will turn your organizational challenges into positive opportunities for growth and development. Margot Ross-Graham creates the strategic ideas you need to ensure long-term success for your business, your employees, and your clients.



Sandbar believes in being courageous, consistent and caring. Here’s how:


Courageous: We will have tough conversations to help you and your organization improve.


Consistent: You can always count on Sandbar to help you find the best solution.

Caring: Sandbar cares about your success and will help you and your team get there.