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Why Sandbar?


"In workplaces, sandbars are those unexpected obstacles.
Yet once reached, they expose many other possibilities."


Offshore waves can build a partly-exposed ridge of sand, which is called a sandbar. But to me, a sandbar symbolizes much more.

When my children were growing up, we made the cross-country journey every summer to our tranquil second home on Lake Huron. We spent our days on the lake’s sandy beaches, building sand castles and learning to swim. My children could always see a sandbar far out in the distance of the lake. Every summer, they worked tirelessly to reach the sandbar and came up with creative methods to get closer and closer to that elusive sandbar. Once they finally made it to the sandbar, they saw an even further sandbar … and started making plans to conquer it. But when they returned the next summer, they would discover that the sandbar had moved — and a new challenge began.

The ever-changing sandbars symbolize the challenges that inspired the name and philosophy for my business. In workplaces, sandbars are those unexpected obstacles that seem to get in the way of your progress. Yet, once reached, they expose you to many other possibilities.