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Leadership Development

“Leadership is thinking about the BIG picture”


Innovation. Passion. Wisdom. Alignment. 


Leadership is thinking about the big picture, motivating other people in a wise way, and making effective decisions based on a deep understanding of specific business needs.


Developing Leadership Capabilities

Sandbar Coaching and Consulting can help your organization build a culture of leadership by providing personalized workshops, including:


  • Team building

  • Crucial  conversations

  • Consulting skills

  • Change and transition

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities

  • Supervisory, management and leadership development

  • Creating a coaching culture


Learn more about the Developing Leadership
Capacity Development program.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is key for any business that wants to build a successful future. Developing leaders who can provide business continuity decreases costs, increases engagement, and stabilizes companies in challenging times. Working with your leadership team, Sandbar will help develop and identify corporate competencies, 360 profiling and development planning. 


At its core, coaching is a partnership where one person supports and champions another through a process focused on improving performance. Coaching looks to the future and focuses on possibilities and next steps. Sandbar’s approach recognizes the importance of what clients have already learned, and guides and supports them to  to become their best self. Margot helps clients step out of the fast lane of their workplace so that they can evaluate and plan for their next steps. Clients will focus less on what to do, and more on how and why to take the next step.


Executive Director/ Board Evaluations

As the only staff person that reports to the Board, the Executive Director is the main link between the board and the organization. Monitoring performance of the executive director ensures the board knows what is happening in the organization’s culture and is a key opportunity for the board to drive the impact and effectiveness of the organization.

Board and director evaluations are intended to increase the performance of the board as a group and enhance individual director effectiveness. The results of the evaluation can be used for strategic planning, education, board reappointments and identification of any missing competencies on the board.

Contact Sandbar for help in conducting evaluations of your Board and/ or your Executive Director.